Site interested in everything that is new in the world of technology and media affiliated only TH3TECHNOLOGY.


Site interested in everything that is new in the world of technology and media affiliated only TH3TECHNOLOGY.


Site interested in everything that is new in the world of technology and media affiliated only TH3TECHNOLOGY.


Site interested in everything that is new in the world of technology and media affiliated only TH3TECHNOLOGY.


Site interested in everything that is new in the world of technology and media affiliated only TH3TECHNOLOGY.

vendredi 4 avril 2014

Mark desktop 3D three-dimensional with giant Real desktop 2.03

Real desktop 2.03

Program Real desktop v2.03 to make desktop 3D three-dimensional that this program so wonderful it is to make the desktop three-dimensional and makes desktop grandest and most beautiful like before you, and you can try the program and see it yourself With it forms wonderful as that program Real desktop v2. 03 theme also taken up by this wonderful program and enjoyed the very surface of the Office of gorgeous and beautiful.

mercredi 2 avril 2014

Age of Wonders III (game pc)

Age of Wonders III

AGE OF WONDERS III is the long anticipated sequel to the award-winning strategy series.
Delivering a unique mix of Empire Building, Role Playing and Warfare, offering the ultimate in turn-based fantasy strategy for veterans of the series and new players alike!

Age of Wonders III
EXPLORE a rich fantasy world that is more detailed and alive than ever with over 50 location types to raid for treasure.
EXPAND your domain by building new settlements, forge pacts with monstrous allies and capture valuable resources.
WIELD earth shattering magic and terra-form the lands for your needs.

Age of Wonders III
RULE as one of 6 RPG style leader classes: Sorcerer, Theocrat, Rogue, Warlord, Archdruid, or the tech-focused Dreadnought.
RESEARCH powerful skills unique to your class to develop your empire and arsenal.
CHOOSE your allies from among the six main races (Humans, High Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, Goblins and Draconians) and fantastical monster dwellings.

Age of Wonders III
RECRUIT legendary heroes, equip them with magical weapons, and let them lead your armies into battle.
CRUSH your enemies using the detailed 3D turn-based Tactical Combat System.
BECOME a master tactician. Crush city defenses. Learn to use flanking and master your army’s hundreds of abilities.

Age of Wonders III
IMMERSE yourself in a rich single player story campaign, playable from two sides of an epic conflict.
CREATE endless scenarios using the random map generator.
COMPETE in multiplayer wars with up to 8 players online.

samedi 29 mars 2014

Applications Week: Android applications and a variety of unique and useful for all

Try and always strive across applications Week devices Alandroed, choose you the best bunch of applications in various fields, we will dive into the depths shop Google Play and bring you the best applications, and we are keen to be free for the benefit of many people, and our goal is always to improve the selection, Fattabona happy to what would advise you to !

1. Hidden Eye application to learn from your job without your permission 
Suffer from frequent Almottagssen on your device, if your device has a front camera With this application you will know all of the run your computer without your permission, which will take a picture of a person's face thief without his permission.


2. Application Awesome Wallpapers Download Wallpapers for your computer for free 
Sure, you have a wonderful device, but if it did not have a comfortable and beautiful backgrounds you will not feel comfortable better, but now with this application, you can browse the sections to download what suits backgrounds.

3. ALMAOUD application for conversation and voice chat and written free 

Do you want to break the routine use applications famous conversation? Perhaps the use of new applications in the conversation be the best, try this application that provides you with a lot of features that are missing from the famous in some applications.

Free: Game Zombie Gunship Zero ready for download

Applications in the Google Play store many, has been confounding the user to reach the best applications benefit him, we are here we will try to tell you time to apply the appropriate time, and today with us for well-known game and entertaining and appeal to everyone, it's a game: Zombie Gunship Zero

game zombie gunship zero

Many games in the Android store , and get an entertaining game may have to experience a lot of games, but with the new game Zombie Gunship Zero for Android you'll find the fun and entertainment that you are looking for .

The game is mainly a free copy from the original game are available at a price of one dollar , and it seems that the company is the developer of the game is trying to attract more users who do not want to pay the money to buy the game, but made ​​in this releases some purchases within the game , either in terms of the game are truly entertaining , fun to a large degree , you'll find a lot of fun and you are led by the bomber and destroyer in the sky, where it requires you to bombard the zombies and civilians to stay away from people .

Appropriate :

Appropriate operating system : Android 2.3.3 or later .

Suitable for middle age and older.

The latest version : 1.0 ( noon on the date of 13/03/2014 )

Size: 59 MB


Voice Balloon Photo application to write the words on the images during filming

Sony company roots, best characterizes as offering devices with a powerful camera, even if the accuracy of the camera is weak it compete with larger cameras, and this is calculated to Sony, and here is a excel in the field of photography The availability us apply the Camera automatically left to speak above the people in the photos directly, wonderful application.

Application wonderful and revolutionary , where it automatically as you can see in the photos above , write the words that pronounce people while taking a picture , every person above the words that he spoke , and this superb technology in imaging , and will add to your images an air of vitality and makes you remember it as a video completely , and will be speaking , this truly is wonderful .

It remains to be which may be a negative to this application will not be available for all, where essentially required to work with specific devices , moreover it runs on Android 4.4 and above , and more are the lucky owners of these devices.

Appropriate :

OS Compatible: 4.4 and above.

Suitable for all.

The latest version : 1.0.A.0.0 ( noon on the date of 17/03/2014 )

Size: 7.7 MB .


Wifi Pass wonderful application to access networks, Wi - Fi for Android

We're still with you both in the anthology week of applications or a day, exhibiting you the best Android App, especially the new ones, do not need to Tbgesoa in store Google Play, we're here to Enkerb your picture and give you the best applications, and today we have an application for managing Wi-Fi networks.


You may lose the net from your computer because of the poor quality of the network , you may need to access the net at any moment is essential, in the big cities in the constructors and shops , libraries , universities and others , it is necessary to know the best Wi - Fi available in your area and be the best , do not worry there is no need to workout networks, one after the other , with the application of the solution WifiPass.

WifiPass with the application will be able to access networks, Wi - Fi and get the best network , and accessed directly through the application, tested before entering the application tells you that that was a fair and quick, already distinctive application .

Appropriate :

OS Compatible: 2.3.3 and above.

Suitable average .

The latest version : 10.0 ( noon on the date of 03/18/2014 )

Size: 8.3 MB .


Official: office free application for Android devices

Today in the news Okhbernakm applications for package provides office officially, but for the iPad only, and is not completely free, here are the owners of Android devices more fortunate as they have become available office formally and completely free, please upload it.


Since the duration and Microsoft provide services office or package ÇáĂćÝíÓ which provide users with diverse students and others a variety of services such as word processing , presentations and editing tables , fixtures, Acharrat and others, which is very famous , was provided by the driven, but now here it is provided officially free , which may now any normal user to take advantage of services such as Open Office , edit and display of text , tables, and others, can write any amendment and free , although there are some advantages , but paid particular companies and large enterprises that will not need a normal user .

Appropriate :

OS Compatible: 4.0 and above.

Suitable average .

The latest version : 15.0.2720.2000 ( noon on the date of 27/03/2014 )

Size: 27 MB .